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Optusnet maili delivery issues

Our recent upgrade to Debian 12 (bookworm) included a tightening of security around TLS connections used for logging in and...

Server upgrades - Debian 12

This month we are busy upgrading our servers to the new Debian 12 ("bookworm"), which includes PHP 8.2 and PostgreSQL 15.3...

25 years of Chirp!

This week marks 25 years since Chirp first opened for business back in 1997 as Chirp Web Design in a small office in Braddon,...

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Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site

11 November 2009

Are you seeing this error on your website using Internet Explorer? it's a bug in IE7 not understanding one or more of the scripts on the page. If your website is affected please let us know so we can take steps to fix it.

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site.
Operation aborted

Microsoft's recommended solution is to upgrade to IE8. We recommend instead switching to a better browser such as FireFox or Safari.

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