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Introducing the new CDHS website

Press release from the Canberra & District Historical Society Dear Members After a remarkable 18 years of service our...

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Introducing the new CDHS website

11 December 2021

Press release from the Canberra & District Historical Society

Dear Members

After a remarkable 18 years of service our current website was overdue for renewal. Some functions ceased to work and proved difficult, if not impossible, to fix. For example, we couldn't add new items to the catalogue. Also, much has happened since 2003, both technologically and with the history resources available through the internet.

Council set up a small working group to develop a new website. It comprised John Davies, Kay Walsh, Richard Reid and myself. We were lucky to engage Duncan Crombie to design and create the web site. Our group entered the content. Fortunately we were awarded an ACT Heritage Grant to create a new website.

The main things we wanted to achieve with the new website were:

  • An engaging user experience e.g. by showing much of our photographic collection and providing links to videos about Canberra history;
  • A 'go to' resource for Canberra & district history;
  • Some of the best features of the old website updated such as the catalogue and links to useful websites;
  • Easier navigation around the website e.g. using in-text links to other parts of the website and to external sources;
  • Making our catalogue accessible to a much larger audience via Trove. This is a work in progress;
  • Easier for volunteers to update and add material such as short articles and small displays.

Please have a good look at our new website at:

We welcome any feedback including suggestions for more 'Quick Reads' and You Tube videos.

Nick Swain

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