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Optusnet maili delivery issues

Our recent upgrade to Debian 12 (bookworm) included a tightening of security around TLS connections used for logging in and...

Server upgrades - Debian 12

This month we are busy upgrading our servers to the new Debian 12 ("bookworm"), which includes PHP 8.2 and PostgreSQL 15.3...

25 years of Chirp!

This week marks 25 years since Chirp first opened for business back in 1997 as Chirp Web Design in a small office in Braddon,...

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Spurious Traffic from Live Search

1 November 2007

It's come to our attention that a significant percentage (up to 80%) of traffic to some websites from Live Search is being 'faked' and not actually representing real human searches. We've now blocked the referrals in question so you may see a drop-off in traffic from 'live' in your Search Engine Traffic reports. Find out more...

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